5 Indispensable Products for a Disco Party

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With stylish neon star glasses, metallic curtains, flashy star products full of glitter ... here are 5 unique party products to help you throw a disco party. It's time to show the world that the disco years are far from over!

The curtain of golden petals

Impossible to organize a disco party without a curtain backdrop (photo booth backdrop) to take crazy souvenir photos with your guests or simply to decorate your room. Whether it is a silver or gold mylar curtain or this curtain of golden petals for even more fun, it is definitely the essential element for a guaranteed effect.

The Star Disco Glasses

Organizing a theme party can sometimes be complicated, especially when it comes to finding a costume. This set of 12 disco star glasses are great for getting everyone into the party's theme, even those who haven't had time to find the perfect outfit. Your souvenir photos promise to be spectacular, share them with us on our facebook page!

Shimmering YAY cocktail napkins

These beautiful napkins with the word Youpiii ("YAY!") in shiny iridescent silver lettersand neon tones will be the final touch to perfect your table decoration or to serve as an aperitif!

Star plates in flashy colors

To push the decoration to the limit, think of these plates in the shape of colored stars to dress your table or to serve the aperitif cookies or the birthday cake. The golden edges bring a chic and festive touch!

Neon flower necklaces

Perfect to complete the look of any guest and inexpensive, neon flower necklaces will make a splash and photos too fun! In addition, your guests can take them home to keep a little souvenir of your memorable disco party.

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