How to organize a baby shower?

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How to organize a baby shower? When to have a baby shower? How is a baby shower?

You want prepare a baby showerand you ask yourself lots of questions? Discover today all our advice for a successful baby shower.

Well ... you might as well warn you right away: we would be lying to you by telling you that it's easy to know how to prepare a baby shower or that it does not require preparation. But don't panic, our guide will explain you step by step how do a baby shower in a simple and efficient way.


What is a Baby Shower?

But before talking about organization, basically what is a baby shower?Do you know?

Well, for a change ... it's a fad that comes to us from the United States. Hence the expression in English! Word for word, that means "baby shower"... Weird isn't it? But all you have to remember is that this is a baby shower.

A baby shower is therefore to organize a party for celebrate the future birthwith themom.


Gender Reveal Party

But more and more, a baby showeris also an opportunity to announce to loved ones the baby's genderin an original way.

We are talking about "Gender Reveal PartyWord for word, it's “the sex revelation party.” In short, it's a little party during which we reveal if it's a boy or a girl!

gender reveal party

Sometimes the parents themselves find out the sex of the baby at the same time as the guests ... a great emotional moment. Prepare the tissues!

Today, the concept has evolved further and some opt instead for a Baby shower after birth (a "postnatal baby shower") which is organized once the baby is there.

How to organize THE perfect Baby Shower?

One rule: it's Mom's baby shower!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does mom like to play games? It will then be necessary to planbaby shower activities.


  • What are his tastes in terms of decoration?Rather sober, colorful, natural, vegetal, golden ...? Adapt the baby shower theme that you are going to choose.

  • What are his mealfavorite? Bring food that she loves, motherhood is hollow! If you have any doubts, do your little research with her best friends or even the future dad.

  • Does she like to dress up or take pictures? If so, a scarf "Mummy to be" (expectant mother in French) is an original gift for a baby shower. Or you can plan a baby shower photo booth kit to take souvenir photos with friends.

baby shower accessories

Who organizes the baby shower?

As for the organization of the baby shower, traditionally, it is the godmother that sticks to it! But it can also be the mother herself, a sister, friends ... there is no real rule.

Sometimes it's even a organizer who takes care of everything but you might as well warn you, so it's far from low budget baby shower.

Who to invite to the baby shower?

Regarding the guests, there is no standard either. If the classic baby shower takes place between women only, the trend has changed a lot and men are now often in the game.

Moreover, if before we invited only closest friends mom, now the guest list sometimes includes family, friends. This decision must be made with the future mother ... don't forget: she is the queen of the party!

When to have the baby shower?

Most often, baby showers take place before birth during last months of pregnancy. The important thing is that it is neither too early nor too late: the mother must still be in good enough shape to enjoy the party.

Usually the party takes place on weekends and begins in the early afternoon.

However, there is once again no rule and nothing preventsorganize a Baby Shower after birthof the baby. However, keep in mind that after birth, the mother will probably be more tired and have less energy.

In addition, a baby shower is also an opportunity for the mothers present at the party to transmit their best motherhood advice before baby is here!

Baby shower decoration

Baby Shower Themes

Choosing a theme for the baby shower, it's almost essential to put glitter in mom's eyes when she enters the room!

baby shower theme

There are many, but the baby shower themes the most popular are:

- Golden and vegetal baby shower (Oh baby!)

- Rose Gold baby shower

- Baby shower it's a girl!

- Baby shower it's a boy!

- Baby shower Girl or Boy? (Gender Reveal Party)

- Fox baby shower

To help you choose the decorative elements for your baby shower, we have grouped the most beautiful baby shower decorations by themes.

If you prefer to opt for an all-in-one baby shower kit, there are also complete party boxes on the themes. Golden and Vegetal or Rose gold.

And when the mom or parents decide to reveal the gender of the baby at the party, the chosen theme is either a mixed baby shower decor (golden, vegetal, rose gold, fox ...) or so colorful blue-pink with decorative elements such as a giant balloon that reveals colored confetti according to gender (pink for a girl or blue for a boy).

What activity for a baby shower?

If the mother-to-be likes to play, the ideal is to plan a few games and here too you have the choice: quiz on babies or on pregnancy, guess the belly size, guess which baby photo corresponds to which guest, guess the date of birth, the baby's weight or even diaper sets ... best activities to do during a baby shower in a future article.

Baby shower meal or buffet

When it comes to food, you will have to choose between a meal or a baby shower snack. If you have a lot of guests, the baby shower buffet is a good solution, it avoids too much organization.

The ideal is also to ask each guest to bring something. Divide up the tasks: cake, cupcakes, baby shower snacks ...

 credits: Lovinglymom

Your own creations will be appreciated by the mother-to-be but if you want to opt for a safe bet, call on professionals like our partner Ohmycookie who prepares delicious baby shower cookiesas beautiful as they are good!

Find the best baby shower meal ideas in a future article.

baby shower cookie

 credits: Oh my cookie

That's it, you are ready to wow the mother-to-be! Any other baby shower tips to share? Leave us a comment!

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Véronique Fragale

January 17, 2020

Cet article est parfait. Cela me permet d’en savoir un peu plus sur l’organisation d’une Baby Shower, du début à la faim. Je vais me lancer et hâte de voir le déroulement de ce superbe événement.

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