Fox hourglass recipe

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Birthday taste on the theme fox Or the animals in the forest... What's cuter than doing Small gravel Fox shape? Do it a few days before the festival or with the children!


30 biscuits

-375 g flour
-230 g butter
-200 g Sugar
-1 egg
-1 teaspoon liquid Vanilla Coffee
-5 g chemical yeast (if you use fermented flour)

Material Science

-1 roll of pastry
-1 oven with plate or grate
-Braised vegetable leaves
-1 bowl of dough
-1 whip ("or pastry robot")
-Fox shaped stainless steel shape ("strip piece") Shop
-1 frozen bag


-Mix flour with chemical fermentation (or use fermented flour instead of fermented flour)
-Beat butter with sugar at room temperature by hand or robot
-Add the butter sugar mixture, eggs and vanilla liquid
-Gradually add flour and chemical yeast to the dough
-Put it in the fridge for two hours
-Preheat the furnace to 180 degrees
-Make dough with flour (thickness + / - 0.5cm)(
-Spread the shape of the fox on the dough. Put the fox on the baking paper and on the oven
-Bake for 8 minutes
-Put it on the fence to cool it

I wish you a good appetite!


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