Balloon Arche Kit


This Balloon Arche kit has everything you need to impress your guests! Each kit contains a set of different balloons (blue or pink depending on the option chosen) to easily build a balloon arch.

You don't need helium! This kit includes a garland tab (tape) that allows you to hang all the balloons that you can inflate simply with air.

How to make the ark?

1) Inflates all balloons

2) Threads all the balloons on the garland tab that is provided (a hole - a balloon)

3) Fixes the tongue (transparent) in the room to a wall or door

4) Surprise your guests with this magnificent balloon arch worthy of the most beautiful event decorators! Look at their faces when you tell them you made it yourself... They'll be impresionized!

This arch contains 70 balloons of different sizes and colors (blue or pink)