Kit deco baby shower

Are you looking for a deco baby shower idea? Well, This kit of decoration baby showerUnderstands everything you need to make your mom feel special! Finding a baby shower theme is not always easy, but this baby shower decoration on white and gold tones, chic and classic, will suit everyone! Baby girl or baby boy? No importance with a Deco baby shower, it's easy! Prepares a pretty table baby shower with plates, cups and towels, clings the deco and clears the glasses to make photos too bleed.

Organize a Baby shower not expensive, it's easy with Aloha Toucan!

This pack deco baby showerIncludes:

-8 golden plates "Oh baby" (adapted to the number of people selected)

-8 golden cups "Oh baby"(adapted to the number of people selected)

-16 "Oh baby" towels

-Banderole baby shower "Oh baby!"

-5 white and golden rosettes

-12 cupcake toppers "Oh baby!" golden (13,5cm)

-8 baby shower accessories: "Oh Baby!" cardboard eyeglasses to make souvenir photos in an original way(adapted to the number of people selected)

The curtain of golden petals is optional.


Number of guests