Pastel Party Lock-up garage

The pretty Party Lock-up garage "Pastel" is tout-en-un lock-up garage for birthdays full of tenderness and bright! Colours berlingot and pastel give desire to live it up to the smallest as to the biggest. All colours of a rainbow are there!

This decorative pack pastel suits for 8 personsand includes:

- 8 big plates pastel

- 16 towels pastel

- 8 beakers pastel

- 25 straws stars

- 4 candles "balls"

- 3 alvéolées bowls pastel

- 1 alvéolé rhomb pastel

- Garland alvéolées pastel

- Big alvéolée bowlTassel pastel

- 3 alvéolés fans pastel

Our party lock-up garage are always less expensive than products bought separately.

This kit can be supplemented by our other products. Top up wooden place settings for example!